William Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" - a reading and analysis

September 24, 2020 @ 10:00AM — 12:00PM

A Virtual Reading of an adaptation with a read-along script and study guide for discussion between the acts.

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Attend a livestream virtual reading and study session with the cast and director on 9/24.


Shakespeare Troupe brings the immortal words of Shakespeare to life with new audiences young and old. There's nothing more rewarding than knowing we are opening the minds of students to the greater possibilities that life offers. Your ticket, shared with a student who watches and studies our play reading online, will inspire them in ways yet to be discovered...like the student who wrote a poem as a thank you letter to us, saying: "The play was sweet as honey, Better than money! Thank you. The show was amazing, Everything was blazing!"

What about the verse, the archaic language?

We've received great feedback from students. Not once did we hear that they couldn't understand the poetry. They are amazed, and you will be too, at the talent of professionally trained actors and their ability to breathe life into the words and characters they play. We understand that the language can be challenging, so we "hold the curtain" after each act while we review the story and discuss the action and themes of each scene. Like the response from one young student, "I liked Juliet the most for her interest in following what she believes"-- quite simply, they get it.

Each ticket buyer receives the script we are using and a study guide which includes a list of thought-provoking questions. You'll hear your own student answer a question like, "Why does the Friar help Romeo & Juliet get married when he knows their families are bitter enemies?"

The entire session, which lasts under a flexible 2 hours, is created not only for entertainment and fun but for comprehension of how the issues confronting society today are given some literary context with the writing of the world's most famous playwright.

Buy your $5 tickets now for the livestream event on Thursday morning, September 24. You will then receive an invitation to register for the Zoom session. Zoom sessions are private and require registration for safety and security.

If you can't make the date, you can schedule the recorded reading and live study session with Shakespeare Troupe teaching artists at a time that's convenient for you, and at a negotiated rate that's incredibly low. Call 786-778-0674 for group sales.